Productively bridging

cell therapy to the world



About Us

Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corporation (MVC) is a comprehensive biopharmaceuticals manufacturer whose core competency includes state-of-the-art cell culture technology, PIC/S GMP facility, in-house QA and QC capabilities and experienced teams and consulting experts.

MVC aims to apply these core capabilities and key experiences to our cell processing center (CPC), which envisions to be a regional cell processing CDMO hub providing cell processing, scale up and process optimization services.

Our Mission

MVC develops new vaccines and affordable biosimilars to prevent regional infectious diseases. We aim to become one of leading pharmaceutical company for Taiwan and global communities.

Our Vision

Humanity, innovation, and quality are MVC’s core values. Based on the core values, we integrate biomedical technologies and strive to improve human health. We believe that every person, from infants to seniors, can be free from infectious diseases.

Quality Policy Statement

MVC is committed to delivering safe and effective products complied with regulatory requirements to consumers through continuous improvement of quality management system.


Our Partners