MVC Enters Strategic Cell Therapy Alliance with MBC and TaiwanBio Therapeutics

Medigen Vaccine Biologics (MVC) signed a strategic alliance agreement today (3/5) with Medigen Biotech Corp. (MBC) and TaiwanBio Therapeutics to co-develop cell therapy technologies and to share marketing resources and commercial interests.

After Taiwan becomes the second country with cell therapy and regenerative medicine regulations, Taiwan’s cell therapy market is expecting unprecedented growth. While MVC remains committed to current cell-based vaccine products, MVC also expands into cell therapy and is constructing a large cell preparation center (CPC) in Zhubei Biomedical Park.

Currently only a few hospitals and biotech companies in Taiwan have small-scale GTP labs and may not fulfill upcoming market need. MVC is in great competitive advantage with years of experience in cell culture technology and PIC/S GMP production. By integrating MBC’s immune cell therapy and TaiwanBio Therapeutics’ stem cell platform, MVC is able to provide wide array of high quality cell therapy products for Taiwan.

[About MVC]
MVC’s CPC (Cell Preparation Center) is designed in accordance with the latest EU EMA ATMP GMP regulation and complies with PIC/S GMP and GTP specifications. Each CPU (cell processing unit) is in closed operating system and can be used to operate various cell production. MVC is aiming to establish top-standard cell therapeutic development and production center in Asia.

[About MBC ]
MBC is one of leading companies in Taiwan developing cancer therapeutics and immune cell therapy. Its Natural Killer Cell platform (Magicell-NK) is designed to treat solid malignant tumors, and MBC has collaborated with EvergreenHealth Clinic, E-Da Hospital, and Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital to initiate the clinical trials of Magicell-NK therapy.

[About TaiwanBio Therapeutics]
TaiwanBio Therapeutics develops Mesenchymal Stem Cells’ (MSC) separation and amplification technology by utilizing MSC’s high differentiation ability when cultured in low-oxygen and low-density environment. TaiwanBio Therapeutics uses MSC technology primarily to treat osteoarthritis and peripheral arterial obstruction-related diseases. TaiwanBio Therapeutics also uses allogeneic MSC in I / IIa clinical trials to treat knee osteoarthritis (OA). This year TaiwanBio Therapeutic collaborates with major domestic hospitals to apply for autologous MSC technology’s clinical trials.